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KhndaOrngsmall.gif (2086 bytes)ATLANTIC COAST SIKH ASSOCIATIONKhndaOrngsmall.gif (2086 bytes)

3108 Sparger Road, Durham, NC 27705

Phone 919-309-1045

Bhai Dayal Singh Rangila (Granthi Sahib)

Atlantic Coast Sikh Association (ACSA) is serving as the Oldest Sikh Organization in the South-Eastern United States and was organized in 1969. It was named Atlantic Coast Sikh Association because it covered states from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina to Georgia. The Association was incorporated with tax exempt status in 1980. It initially held four Gurpurbs (Baisakhi, Martyrdom Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Birthday Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and Birthday Guru Gobind Singh Ji) a year in different states in homes of members until the permanent building was acquired.

In 1985, the association finally had a permanent place in Durham, North Carolina and was the first Gurdwara Sahib in South-Eastern United States. On April 4, 1985 Dr. Bhag Singh Sidhu, Dr. Sukhraj Singh Dhillon and Dr. Jagtar Singh Dhesi signed loan papers and took personal responsibility to buy the building that was unanimously supported by the Sangat.

The Association was blessed with a regular Granthi Bhai Dayal Singh Rangila on February 15, 1997. At this time, we have regular Diwans every Sunday. In addition to regular diwans, special occasions and Akhand Paths are celebrated on appropriate dates.

The purpose of the organization is to teach Sikh history, Gurbani, and Gurmukhi script to youngsters, and spiritual uplift of the community. Gurdwara Sahib is open to all. The Association is devoted to spread knowledge about Sikhism and its Spiritual Philosophy. One of our aims is to build a strong library which will be an enlightened source of knowledge. We also like to use Internet to move Sikhism in 21st Century.

Our organization is participating in Sri Hemkunt Foundation since 1996. Mrs. Rajvinder Kaur Dhillon took initiative to organize this part. Three of the participants Gurlal Singh Baidwan, Hamraz Singh, and Keraz Gandhi have already won 1st places in the final International Symposium. It’s quite an achievement for an organization to have 3 gold medallists in a world-wide competition.

A HISTORICAL NOTE: The history of Atlantic Coast Sikh Association will not be complete without giving this event. We hope, we can learn a lesson for our future. On January 28, 1984, the members of the Trustee Board met to take away funds from Atlantic Coast Sikh Association. The reason: a handful of members wanted the money transferred to a secretly registered organization with their full control. These members wanted to build a separate building in Durham, North Carolina and wanted to dump the mother organization. We pray to Waheguru that that these members thrive and find a peace and religious faith in Gurbani. When they find faith in Gurbani, the building they have constructed will become a true Guru-Dwara ( House of God). Only then they can preach a life of peace and honesty, the Sikhism was started to provide.

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