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Submitted by: Dr. Madho Singh

The universe is all energy and the energy is all universe. It is the unique content of the universe. Rather it is one single entity which has given rise to every thing. The turn of the 20th century brought a big discovery about the basic concept of energy, E=MC square, by Albert Einstein. This means that all matter is convertible into energy and vice versa. So every thing is nothing but manifestation of energy. We all know about energy as a power or a potential force, but it cannot be described or characterized. It has no color, smell or any characteristic recognizable by any of our five senses. All we can say is that energy is formless and it can be extremely powerful far beyond human imagination. The energy shows its enormity of power at the explosion of a big atomic bomb and the power of its one of the creations, the sun. The energy is present throughout the universe occupying all the space. No part of the vast space of the universe is without energy. Every bit of space is occupied by energy. If all matter is energy then energy is the only and the highest ingredient of the universe. We, therefore, can call energy of the universe as the HIGHEST OF ALL.

Energy can exert itself in many kinds of forms, such as electricity, heat, light, mechanical, chemical, kinetic, gravitational, potential and atomic etc. Energy in self transformation, can form a very large number of kinds of particles among which, there are three basic ones, the electron, proton and neutron. These three particles by different combinations, form about 100 different kinds of atoms which in their pure form make up as many elements. Atoms of different kinds of elements can combine chemically and make millions of different kinds of molecules called compounds giving rise to such a great variety of matter resulting in this beautiful world. Some of the chemical compound materials, such as dirt and rock are chemically stable, whereas others, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats etc. are relatively much easily changeable accompanied by energy exchange. The energy is involved at every step of chemical change. All life is active chemical changes. Whereas, any kind of matter can change or be destroyed but the energy, according to law of thermodynamics can neither be destroyed nor be created. This is also called the law of conservation of energy. Energy is not only the highest of all, it is the GREATEST OF ALL OR THE ALMIGHTY.

Man has understood and made a good use of energy with which we are all pretty familiar, such as electricity, light, heat mechanical, chemical, kinetic, gravitational, potential and atomic etc. but the real important aspects or characteristics of energy itself have been ignored or not understood at all because the latter are beyond the limits of any man made instrumentation. As we will see, these additional characteristics of energy can only be revealed through living organisms which can also serve as Natureís test instruments.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness means awareness. The consciousness is not existing by itself as many people think, rather it is one of the most important aspects of energy itself. It can only be revealed by living organisms where nervous system connected to senses is present. The body serves as a very good test instrument of nature where almost all the characteristics of energy are so apparent among which consciousness is on the forefront. Our five senses can work only in the presence of consciousness. A conscious person is aware of himself and his environment, whereas, an unconscious person, is totally cut off from the world. A person in coma even though living, is like a vegetable without consciousness. Our conscious mind while awake, can see the world around but the same mind during deep sleep becomes completely unaware of any thing. Our life will have no meaning in the absence of consciousness because the five senses linking with the environment become functionless. Consciousness is not limited to humans. It is a part of all animal life wherever the nervous system connected to senses, is present. The big question here is that where does the consciousness come from? Does the offspring get it from the parent/s or it comes from the environment? The only link between an offspring and parent is chemical material, chiefly DNA. Does the DNA have consciousness? The answer may simply be, yes or no, because it contains a very small amount of conscious energy as chemical energy and DNA is not a conscious molecule from the standpoint of a conscious mind. As a matter of fact, for the source of consciousness, the fully developed wiring system of the nervous system gets connected to the consciousness which is an important part or property of energy within the living system and the environment or the universe around. The amount of received consciousness is according to the capacity of a particular nervous system in humans or animal life forms. Consciousness in the Universe is like an audio or audiovisual program ready to be received by a functioning radio or TV, whenever turned on. Similarly, the nervous system is turned on during the wake cycle when it becomes functional, while it is cut off during the deep sleep cycle by built in mechanisms under the control of full consciousness prevailing in a non cessation manner. The full consciousness is fully alert continuously even when the conscious mind is fast asleep. The whole body functioning is governed by intelligence of energy under its full consciousness continuously, with absolutely no pause. The mind is all natural consciousness of energy. The energy is every where, so is the consciousness because it is one of the properties of energy. Only a very small portion of the mind is conscious mind connected to our five senses. The rest is all subconscious or unconscious mind or we can call it the greater consciousness or the Kingdom of God or Soul.. The latter is not experienced by the conscious mind which may think it is not there. The conscious mind is not completely out of touch with the Soul, because it keeps on receiving guidance to keep it on right course of actions. The greater consciousness is fully approachable. We are using when we are awake, only a limited amount of consciousness from a pool of much bigger and higher consciousness. Our wakefulness, therefore, is only a partial opening with large potential still remaining. The real wakefulness will be if we expand our conscious mind into the full consciousness of the subconscious mind and become awake to the full. This is also called "Surati" or the realization of the highest of all or enlightenment. The whole universe is all conscious, because it is all energy. The most important part of the conscious mind is the Attention or "Dhyan". To whatever thing we pay our attention we remember that, and from whatever thing the attention is withdrawn, we forget that. This is the most valuable tool of the conscious mind to expand wakefulness, but it is being lost into worldly things or what we call as attachment to material world, depriving it of the real opportunity of merging with the Highest of All to see through and enjoy every thing in the whole universe. We may have to divert our attention from outward to inward to experience and know the Almighty.

INTELLIGENCE: This is the second most important aspect of energy of the universe. It can work only in the presence of consciousness. The intelligence is meaningless in the absence of consciousness. The human body and mind are the direct and very convincing proof of intelligence as an important part of energy of the universe. The amount of intelligence in an individual is according to the capacity of a particular nervous system in that person. This accounts for variation of intelligence in the human population and other organisms. The whole universe full of energy is infinitely intelligent, the source of all intelligence. The conscious mind gets only a limited amount of intelligence with which we think, analyze and argue etc. The real treasure of intelligence is along with the greater consciousness deep in our mind. All the great artists, philosophers and scientists got their best ideas from the depths of mind and not from the conscious mind which is so shallow. LOVE: This is another aspect of the energy depicted in humans and some animal life. Love is a bond which connects different minds. The extent of this bond depends on the energy content of the organism and the capacity of the nervous system. It is a feeling which cannot be described and it can only be experienced. It is the most pleasant of all kinds of good feelings. The love bond may range all the way from very strong to weak. Love knows no distance or boundaries, cast creed color or organisms. Love flows from a mind fully connected to the normal well developed nervous system. Love can easily be seen flowing from the eyes of a loving person especially in the presence of another loving being and is reflected back and forth between the lovers and increasing in intensity at each reflection. This is how the love grows. The whole universe is nothing but energy that is all love. God is love and love is God because energy is all love.

BEAUTY: Beauty is another aspect of energy, which appears as functioning totality of its parts when assembled together incorporating energy. The whole universe is so beautiful in the form of its functioning totality. A recent study of the galaxies through Hubble Telescope has revealed an amazing beauty of galaxies in the sky. Here on the planet earth, the mountains, the valleys, the oceans, the vegetation, flowers, birds, butterflies, fish, the coral reefs under water etc. and many many more things of nature, are all so beautiful. The beauty appears at each and every functioning totality. The individual parts donít show any beauty, but when put together, the total energy content starts exhibiting beauty. For example, a beautiful flower is a totality of the chemical elements composing it. No element has any indication of the flower beauty and yet when they are compiled into flower with energy fully incorporated, the flower depicts a special beauty which is the functioning totality of the flower arising from energy in its organic molecules. HAPPINESS: This is another aspect of the energy of the universe. The whole universe is not only infinitely intelligent and conscious, it is also in full bliss. There is absolutely no unhappiness. What is the source of happiness in humans? Is it wealth or the material world? Absolutely not, none of these. Happiness comes from the subconscious mind as a property of energy.

The energy with all the aspects explained above is no more a simple force or power, it is the Doer Power, the Creator Power, the Nature, the Divine power, the Celestial Power or the Eternal Power. We can call it the Cosmic Force, the Divine Force, the Reality or the Truth or the HIGHEST OF ALL as well as the GREATEST OF ALL. All religions call this Power as God or the Lord of the Universe. The existence of this infinitely Conscious, Intelligent, Creative, Loving, Happy and Peaceful Power in total Bliss and dancing in most melodious tune, is not an imagination or a belief, it is a Reality, A DEFINITIVE AND REAL REALITY OR TRUTH. being proven again and again by depiction in the living organisms, non living materials of the planet earth, as well as in the sky. The Prophets of different religions have experienced this Reality by understanding and totally drowning their conscious mind (merging) into the Full Consciousness within us. New Testament: Luke 17:21: Lord Jesus Christ said:" Kingdom of God is within you " so seek within. Gurbani(The holy scripture of Sikhism) says the same thing. "Mann Toon Jot Swaroop Hain Apana Mool Pachhaan" It is quite easy to say that all religions may point in the same direction. All worship and prayers are directed towards this Divine Energy or Divine Power via Prophets or directly. The bodies of Prophets are gone but the presence of their spirits(Eternal Power) associated with their names in this world will be for ever. Many more Prophets can appear and disappear but their legend will continue for ever. Every human being is born to reach that potential. Reaching that potential through proper understanding and practice (Meditation) is called Enlightenment or God Realization. Unfortunately almost all religions in their complete ignorance are lost in rituals, symbolism and false stories. They even forgot who they are praying to? People are fighting or are killing each other over small disputes arising from differences of opinion or beliefs. Religion is supposed to bring peace and happiness, but it usually works otherwise. It is all human fault of total misunderstanding of the meaning of a religion. The only purpose of any religion is to understand and know the Highest of all through experience.

We can refer to this Divine Power as He, Him or His etc. He is Universal God(The Energy of the Universe), the Being or the Lord of the Universe. He is every where in all forms as well as formlessnesses. All matter and all space is Him. He has been and will be there for ever. He creates, maintains and destroys any thing. He is Life. He is Self Creating. All matter is a form created from formless Energy, i.e, Him. His creativity is infinite and His method of self creativity is a real wonder when we look at the creation and growth of living organisms. My biggest wonder is that the scientists and educated people all over the world have no feeling of being startled at Natureís absolutely phenomenal and the most intelligent work of self creation into all the complicated life forms including a human being through a greatly thoughtful and organized manner. ORGANIZATION: Organization means arrangement of things in some definitive order. In order to organize, there has to be some kind of movement of the materials. There can only be two kinds of motions of things in this universe. Either it is random motion or it can be directed motion by an intelligent force. The random motion never leads to an organized arrangement of things, which can be repeatable. For example if in a deck of 52 playing cards you want to arrange the cards in a certain way, it will never happen by random shuffling or any kind of random motion or acts. It has to be done consciously with an intelligence behind. In our daily life, we see different levels of repeated organization, thousands of times more complicated than any arrangement in a deck of cards, every where and yet we pay no attention as to how it happened. Organization is a big key to all creations. It is a definite reality that nothing can get organized without an Organizer or the Doer, who must have three basic essentials, (I)Energy, (ii) Consciousness, and (iii)Intelligence. Actually, the doer and the three components are One, i.e., Energy. The three ingredients of the Doer are the very basic requirements for performing any function. In the absence of any one of the three components, the Doer is just functionless. As discussed, the Doer or the Doer Energy has actually more than the basic essentials. Do you agree that a doer must have at least the three basic essentials, consciousness, intelligence and energy, to perform even a simple organization? Common sense says big yes.

In nature the organization is every where from atom to molecules and the materials. All organizational arrangements of materials in the universe have been done, are being done and will be done by no one other than Him(The Doer Force). Let us follow and understand some of His work. He is infinitely creative.

CREATION OF LIVING ORGANISMS. All the complex life has evolved from simple life which arose from simple non life materials, by itself. Evolution means gradual development towards complexity over a period of time. Humans are said to have evolved from simple animal life. The scientists and the most educated people all over the world think that there is no special Doer Nature, and that all the millions of species of living organisms are the result of evolution. I would like to emphasize here that the variety of life has not been created by evolution. Evolution is not a process, rather it is merely a term to explain the result of some creative process. Nothing else has ever been that much misunderstood and misinterpreted as evolution To say that evolution is the cause of the creation of great variety of life is to say that the evolution is the cause of evolution. Organisms from simple to most complex have been created by the Doer Force and not by process of evolution. Rather, evolution is the result. It is the consequence of interaction between Biotic Potential and the Environmental Resistance. Evolution has nothing to do with either of these two factors, because it is the result and not the cause. The biotic potential of a species includes its maximum reproduction capacity which is always much more than actually needed. This is the job of the Doer Nature with regard to His creativity for the sake of ensuring survival of a species. For example, a single female termite can lay upto 86,000 eggs at the rate of one egg per second for that many offsprings to arise within a short period of time. However, not all can survive because of environmental resistance. The fittest would survive. Is it possible to say that the evolution is the cause of that biotic potential? Absolutely not, because there is no logic. To say yes here will mean organization occurs by itself, which is not true. It is the constant organizing work of the always busy Doer Nature. The term evolution is also used in other things, such as evolution of computers, automobiles, jet planes, rockets etc. What is the cause of this evolution? It surely is not evolution, it is human ingenuity, or the doer force(man) with the three basic ingredients of energy, consciousness and intelligence. There would have absolutely been no evolution of these things in the absence of any one of the three essential factors. The most interesting feature of Nature is its self making, self organizing and self creativity.

SELF CREATIVITY: This is the most fascinating and magical way of the Creator to create every thing from almost nothing in a very methodical and organized way. This process includes all the steps from pure formless energy to the full final product over a period of time, be it non living or be it living. The doer force in this way has self created a living cell with constant life activities within it in the form of so many metabolic pathways. A living cell of any organism consists of highly organized chemical components incorporating energy. The living cell is a unit of life and has its own world of worker chemical molecules inside, which act in orderly and most sophisticated manner. Some aspects of the functioning cell can be viewed under the microscope. A gross observation through time-lapse motion photography(the natural slow action seen as fast action) of the living cell reveals very fascinating wonders of nature to any one appreciative of the unbelievable phenomena. It is very hard to ignore the fact that every thing happening in the cell is not by itself or by random motion. Rather there is a Natural Power or Divine power behind. There is very active energy transformation phenomena occurring in the cell all the time. That Energy is not simply an energy, rather it has all its aspects with it. The scientists have never been able to understand as to why a living cell divides? A human cell has 46 thread-like chromosomes(The genetic material with DNA). In preparation to cell division, all the 46 chromosomes duplicate along their entire length and then passed on to their daughter cells to make sure that each daughter cell receives at least one accurate copy of each of the 46 chromosomes without any flaw. Thus the chromosome number is maintained generation after generation. This can happen only under the direction and supervision of the Conscious, and Intelligent Energy. or the Divine Power or the Doer Power. It is very logical to think that it can never happen just by random motion of molecules within the cell. With random motion, it would just be a mess.

There are hundreds of enzyme controlled chemical reactions occurring all the time in a living cell. Our life is just too short to understand the cell completely. There are books after books written on the structure and function of the cell. The research is going on all over the world and yet there is no end to answering all questions about living cell. Answering any question gives rise to more questions. The major reason for that is that scientists have yet to recognize the fact about existence of smart power of energy in the cell. To understand the smart power is perhaps the only way to know about the cell or the real secrets of nature.

THE SELF CREATION OF THE COMPLEX ORGANISMS; The formation and development of animal or human body is even thousands of times more complex than a simple cell. Just imagine the ingenuity behind development, well controlled growth and maintenance of complex organs, such as, heart, lungs, kidneys , liver and the brain etc. Their functioning in coordination and harmony requires full time attendance of some intelligent force. Could you ever imagine that who takes care of the following in our body functioning: The heart beat, the breath, the heart rate, the blood pressure, body temperature, maintenance of glucose and pH level in the blood, production and eminence of all the hundreds of components of the blood(blood profile), blood volume etc. to mention a few of the thousands of items in the human body. The Divine Power of the subconscious mind or the Higher Consciousness is busy constantly day and night without any knowledge to our conscious mind. The research in medical field or any other field for that matter, is unending, mainly because of lack of the true perspective of nature. I can go on and on with mentioning the secret world of nature.

PLANTS; The plant cell is the unit of life in plants. The Doer Force is fully busy there. It shares very common features with animal or human cell. The green plants have very special structures called chloroplasts containing chlorophyll. The chloroplasts in the cells of green leaves, perform a unique process called photosynthesis in which they capture light energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy giving rise to glucose molecules. Thus glucose is made from very simple raw materials, the carbon dioxide gas, water and the smart energy from the sun. Once the solar energy is captured in the glucose molecules, it is used by the cell to build other energy rich molecules in the cell for its maintenance and growth. The plants derive other nutrients or mineral elements from the soil along with water.

The big question here is that whether the chloroplasts capture energy or the energy from the sun acts as smart energy and enters there purposely to make the plants grow. As apparent, only the latter is true. By coming in the plant cells the conscious and intelligent light energy directs the synthesis of all plant parts including chloroplasts. The whole plant body big or small is thus derived mainly from the sunlight, carbon dioxide gas water and small amount of minerals from the soil under the full direction of Doer Force.. If the forest catches fire due to human error or is set by lightening, all the heat energy given out is actually the solar energy gathered over a period of time. All the energy in you and me is the solar energy, which came in through plants.

ANIMALS; All animal life is dependent on plants. If no plants, there will be no animal life or no human beings, because animals cannot convert sunlight into chemical energy. They have to depend on chemical energy(mostly in carbohydrates, proteins and fats etc.) from plants. Is it not so amazing that herbivores convert just so simple grass into blood, flesh and the most complex organs of the body. How in the world can any body think that it all happens by itself.

In conclusion, the Energy of the Universe is the Doer Force or the Lord of the Universe and we have to saturate our conscious mind with His continuous remembrance by redirecting the attention toward Him within us. The sunlight or any other form of Energy is all Parmatma or the Lord of the Universe..

Dr. Madho Singh
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